About us

H2O is a group of Veteran Salty Boat Building Experts. Our Team bonded together in 2015 to share a common goal. That goal is to deliver constant quality and unrivaled customer service to the market place. Many of our staff have been building boats for over 29 years. Our staff uses this experience to constantly improve our product offering. After you purchase your CapeCraft, you will have confidence knowing a lifetime of experience is out there with you and your family on water.

H2O has no boundaries when it comes to delivering what customers expect. Throughout this year, H2O has used it’s experiences to deliver the highest possible quality, leading technologies, designs and positive attitude to the Marine Industry. The Industry has taken notice. Since January, H2O has signed up 25 Dealers (as of 10.1.2015) and maintains an extremely large backlog of production. H2O could only do this with the right people making right decisions and exceeding what was expected of us.